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Whether you are an employee, manager, self-employed or looking for work, we have the training course to suit you. Whether face-to-face, distance learning, one-to-one or group courses, our training courses are available in 11 languages.

Language training covered by CPF (personal training grant), Training Plan, Pôle emploi (job seeker’s allowance), etc.

Corporate language training, business and professional courses according to trade sector
Learning professional English, for example, is essential for certain professions. Our training courses in professional English (or other languages) enable you to learn vocabulary specific to your sector of activity and to communicate in professional situations: commercial English, business English, finance English, accounting English, administrative English, medical English, legal English, scientific English, etc.

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Training in professional English or other languages eligible for the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation – Personal Training Account)

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About the Personal Training Account CPF

Use your CPF to finance your language courses

Develop your language skills with the CPF. On the official website moncompteformation.gouv. fr, each person has access to a personal space
This will enable them to log on to their Personal Training Account (CPF) and find out about their training budget.







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Our certifications

CPF certifications

Actions eligible for the CPF are certifications and accreditations registered in the “répertoire spécifique des certifications et habilitations” (RS), such as certain language training courses.

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We offer tailor-made training courses based on your CPF budget, so that your courses are fully covered.

    Certified by Qualiopi, we offer Language Training courses covered under the Personal Training Account (CPF). "The quality certification was issued for the following category: TRAINING ACTIONS.

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