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Our services

All our services are linked to communication. Our goal is to teach you the WORDS TO THE WORLD.

At LANGUES ACADEMY by JEUNES DIPLOMATES, adults, professionals and children take language courses all year round. Businesses and private individuals can also benefit from our fast, efficient foreign language translation service, as well as our continuing education and professional training courses.

Evaluations approved by the French Ski Instructors’ Association (Syndicat des moniteurs de ski)
Company assessment

Ski instructors

JEUNES DIPLOMATES has been selected by the Syndicat national des moniteurs to assess the specific language skills of instructors.

Evaluation time: 30 minutes.

Instructors will be questioned on their technical skills, as well as their ability to comment on any subject relating to resort life and the mountain environment.

Evaluations available: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian.

Evaluation of your company’s personnel

We can also carry out a language assessment of your staff to determine their exact level of language skills in line with the Common European Framework of Reference. These assessments can be organized directly on site or by telephone.

References: Assessment of all lift personnel in Megève, Combloux, Arêches, Les Saisies, Les Contamines, Le Jaillet, Seythenex….

JEUNES DIPLOMATES offers a range of Cambridge English exams to assess your level of English in everyday life. TOEIC® test preparation: Pass the TOEIC® test with flying colors!

Jeunes Diplomates has selected a team of professionals who teach their native language to children and teenagers as well as adults who need to learn or perfect their vocabulary in a particular professional sector (catering, medical, real estate….).

So it’s only natural that we put our know-how and skills at your disposal to support you in all areas where language skills are required:

  • If you need a document, a website or an advertising brochure translated, our qualified translators are at your disposal. They are fast, reliable and professional. If you don’t want machine translation by software, but need translation by native speakers, we’ve got the solution.


  • Professional translation
  • Mother-tongue translators
  • Verification, proofreading
  • Fast translation
  • Meticulous service
  • High-quality workmanship
  • All languages
  • All professional fields
  • Free quotation on request
  • Internet translations


  • Mother-tongue interpreter
  • Location: on our premises or on site
  • Hourly rate on request.


To correct and check your previously translated texts.

A qualified native translator will check your translated text word for word against your source text, making comments and changes where necessary. This service is an efficient way of ensuring that a translation is correct, complete and free from errors in grammar, terminology, punctuation or style.

We offer summer language camps in Megève, France, in the Alps, with programs for children and teens. These language courses (English-French) combine learning with sporting and cultural activities.

For adults and professionals in one-to-one or group lessons, with the possibility of financing through continuing education and/or the CPF.

For children aged 6 months and over, in group lessons, private lessons, courses, face-to-face or video lessons, in all languages.