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Setting up an exam preparation project

Cambridge English Qualifications for Schools have been designed specifically for children and teenagers, with themes and exercises to suit their interests and abilities. With Cambridge English, students aged 7 and over can improve their English step by step with confidence and reassurance, and stay motivated thanks to diplomas that prove their progress throughout the course. Preparation for the Cambridge English for Schools exams complements the introduction to English provided by the French Ministry of Education.

By offering Cambridge English exam preparation courses, schools have access to a complete range of resources and preparation materials. We also support teachers in their professional development, with our teaching qualifications.

The benefits of certification for your students

  • Building a convincing post-bac dossier
  • Proving your level of English for internships and jobs
  • Study abroad
  • Validating an engineering degree in France
Cambridge English

Useful information

For further information, please contact us on 04 79 37 71 67 or

Organizing an information meeting for parents is an excellent way of informing them about the benefits of Cambridge English exams for their children, their content and the preparation courses your school offers.
Find more information and a customizable “kit” here.

You can take the exam of your choice in a large number of towns across the Savoie, Ain and Isère regions.

Jeunes Diplomates offers you the full range of Cambridge English Qualifications exams. See below for a description of each exam.

[and LINGUASKILL (formerly BULATS) on request].

Test your level of English for free on the Cambridge English Exams website and find out which exam is best suited to your level!

Jeunes Diplomates is also an approved center for “business” tests and exams for your BTS, BAC Pro or other students.

We offer LINGUASKILL (formerly BULATS) tests and exams

B1 Business Preliminary (formerly BEC Preliminary)

B2 Business Vantage (formerly BEC Vantage)

C1 Business Higher (formerly BEC Higher)


Following the reform of access to higher education, universities will be able to select students’ applications according toa list of expectations set by the Ministry.

A level B in a foreign language and/or a good level of English are expected in most bachelor’s degrees.

We therefore encourage you to encourage your students to add their Cambridge English diploma to their Parcoursup file for admissions to higher education (including the CEC diploma, taken in seconde européenne anglais class). You can redirect students to our dedicated Parcoursup page.


If you prepare your students for the Cambridge English exams, you can become an official preparation center.

A preparation center is not an examination center. This is a school where students are prepared for exams. The organization of the sessions remains the responsibility of our local examination center, which can come to your premises on the day of the tests.

The advantages of becoming an official preparation center

By becoming an official preparation center, you benefit from :

a special logo to highlight the partnership with Cambridge Assessment English on your website. At the start of the school year, you will receive an e-mail from Cambridge Assessment English giving you access to the logo.

a certificate for as few as 30 candidates per year

– a kit for presentations to parents

– a kit for graduation ceremonies

– a dedicated Cambridge Assessment English consultant, in addition to the usual contact with your examination center

– the possibility of organizing exam sessions on your premises (subject to a minimum number of candidates)

– a newsletter and a dedicated website

– a preview of the candidates’ results on this site

– asystematic invitation to the seminars we run in your region

– the opportunity to take part in the annual awards, in which all the Cambridge English preparation centers in the world compete, with the prize of a stay in Cambridge with the experts.

Contact us on 04 79 37 71 67 or to become an official preparation center.

Cambridge Assessment English offers teachers and students a wide range of teaching resources to help them prepare for their exams. Feel free to visit these sites and encourage your students to visit them regularly or to subscribe:

Facebook – Cambridge Assessment English

YouTube – Cambridge English TV

Twitter – Cambridge English

Cambridge English – go to the “how to prepare” tab for the relevant exam

Write & Improve

Virtually Anywhere

Learning English

For teachers:

Facebook – Cambridge English Teaching

Cambridge English Resources for Teachers

Cambridge English Weekly

Practice makes Perfect

World of Fun – for Young Learners

Flashcards for Young Learners

Cambridge English Penfriends

Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge University Press work together to offer a range of exam preparation methods from Young Learners to C2 Proficiency. We’ll be happy to advise you. You can also visit the Cambridge University Press website.

Here’s a Cambridge Toolbox_links for teachers with several links that may be useful too.

If you are using the “Cambridge English Official Preparation Tests”, please find out how to convert the scores on the “Cambridge English Scale”: Converting practice test scores.


Our aim is to ensure that Cambridge Assessment English exams are a ‘plus’ for your school, not an extra burden for your administrative and teaching staff.

We’ve created a few tools to help you:

And don’t hesitate to ask us for brochures for parents.

If you have students with specific physical disabilities or learning difficulties, contact us at least 2 months before the exam date and we can apply to Cambridge Assessment English for special circumstances. Please provide a medical certificate or opinion. Further information: Special Requirements

For more information on how to apply during the year, visit the new page on the Cambridge English website.

Teacher’s agenda for exam preparation: information for preparation centers


Each candidate will receive a
Statement of Results,
and if they pass the exam, they will also receive a certificate.

Statements of Results will be published online between four and six weeks after the exam for paper exams and between two and three weeks after the exam for computer exams (longer at the moment due to Covid). With the codes on their invitations, students can obtain their results quickly by registering on the free online results platform.

You can view and download your students’ results, including results from previous years, on the online results platform. If you do not have access, please contact us.

For more information about certificates, watch the Cambridge English videos:

Young Learners Exams
A2 Key to C2 Proficiency Exams


If you’d like to congratulate your students in true English style (we provide mortarboards for photos), don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a graduation ceremony. This can also be an opportunity to explain to new parents the importance of Cambridge English examinations at your school. And why not invite the press to write an article in the local press about your school and the Cambridge English exams.Contact us for your graduation ceremony ‘kit’.

You can also prepare the ceremony yourself with this graduation kit.

We are always looking for qualified professional Speaking Examiners to join our team in order to provide the best service and the largest choice of dates possible to our schools. If you would like more information, visit the Cambridge site: https: //

or send your CV to

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