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We help learners of English to progress and prove their level.

Recognized by companies, accepted for studies in France and abroad, and for immigration.


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About the Exams

Why choose Cambridge English?

Starting at an early age is the best way to learn the language. That’s why Cambridge English exams start as early as age 6.

Today, the English language is indispensable all over the world, but especially in our region, which is very popular with tourists.

  • International recognition
  • Professional Future
  • Study abroad
  • Corporate recognition
Cambridge English

Upcoming exams

To register, please fill in the online registration form. Rates and payment options are indicated on the form.

For further information, please contact us on 04 79 37 71 67 or

You can register for the exams online using the form below.


Please find below the fees for the 2023/2024 school year.

You can take the exam of your choice in a large number of towns across the Savoie, Ain and Isère regions.

Jeunes Diplomates offers you the full range of Cambridge English Qualifications exams. See below for a description of each exam.

[and LINGUASKILL (formerly BULATS) on request].

Test your level of English for free on the Cambridge English Exams website and find out which exam is best suited to your level!

Get my results

As soon as you receive your invitation, register on the Cambridge online results platform. You will receive an e-mail when your results are published.

How do I get my Cambridge English exam results?

Certificates will be sent to you around 4 weeks after the results are published, either directly to your home address (for free candidates) or to your school.

Two ways to share your results

  • Make your results available to a specific organization via the Candidate Results Service. Select the organization by clicking on “send my result” (if the organization is not displayed, you can send a request).
  • Communicate your “Statement of Results” reference number and your date of birth, and the organization will find your results on the results verification service by performing a search.

Any employer, university or organization can access your results online. Organizations can consult this document for more information.

Claiming results

If you feel that the results of your examination are not correct, you should contact your examination center immediately. We can then ask Cambridge English for an investigation or an appeal.

Find out more about both processes on this page.

Starting at an early age is the best way to learn the language. That’s why Cambridge English exams start as early as age 6.

Today, the English language is indispensable all over the world, but especially in our region, which is very popular with tourists.

Young Learners(Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers)

They’re fun, colorful and put children in a position to succeed. All candidates receive a certificate, regardless of their results.

A2 Key and B1 Preliminary

They show how students are progressing and test their level of English in everyday situations.

B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency

They certify a candidate’s level of excellence in English and can be used to follow a course of higher education abroad or in France.

All examinations are recognized worldwide: over 20,000 universities, employers and government organizations accept Cambridge English Examinations.

Our center offers a large number of dates and locations open to free candidates, or you can talk to your school about taking the exams at home.

For more information, visit the Cambridge Assessment English website or contact us on 04 79 37 71 67.


Good preparation is essential if you are to be ready on the big day and pass the exam in the best possible conditions. As with most standardized exams, you’ll need to practice beforehand if you want to get the best possible score.

We offer private tuition and exam preparation courses. We also work in partnership with Global Exam, which offers online practice tests. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Face-to-face/teleconference Online
Our teachers, and experienced mother tongue, offer Cambridge exam preparation courses.

Type of exam available: All

Duration: any length, no minimum

Rate: €55/hour

Program: tailored to your needs and objectives

This preparation, in partnership with Global Exam, takes place exclusively online.

Available exam types: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced, Linguaskill, Bright English

Validity: unlimited access for 6 months

Price: promotional offer: €200

– training” mode
– exam” mode
– corrected
– revision sheets
– progress statistics

Here you’ll find our ideas for exam preparation, and feel free to click on the links below:

Facebook – Cambridge Assessment English

YouTube – Cambridge English TV

Twitter – Cambridge English

Cambridge English – go to the “how to prepare” tab for the relevant exam

Write & Improve

Speak & Improve

Virtually Anywhere

Learning English

Cambridge University Press

Games & Social Media – Cambridge Assessment English

Young Learners exam guide

A2 Key for Schools exam guide

B1 Preliminary for Schools exam guide

Last-minute review

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Prepare for your computer-based exam with a video tutorial.

Congratulations! You’ve passed your exam and now have a coveted certificate from Cambridge Assessment English. Follow Cambridge English’s tips to make the most of it.



As a Platinum Exam Centre, we are committed to providing you with the best possible Cambridge English Exam experience.

To this end, we have a pleasant and competent team at your disposal, ready to answer your questions and give you all the information you need.

We are committed to :

  • To advise you before, during and after your examination.
  • Providing you with personalized support.
  • Offer you a wide choice of exam dates.
  • Keep your personal data confidential.
  • Keep our site up to date so that you can find all the relevant information.
  • To offer a lasting partnership to our Preparatory Centers and to our independent candidates.

We work tirelessly to satisfy all our customers and provide you with the best possible experience. In order to continue improving our service, please do not hesitate to send us your feedback.

Why choose a Cambridge English exam?

Cambridge English exams are universally recognized and used by schools, universities and private and public sector employers around the world.
When you pass a Cambridge English exam, you receive an internationally recognized diploma certifying the level of English you have achieved. Your Cambridge English exam certificate has no expiry date.

Can I get accommodations for the exam?

If you have a specific physical disability or learning difficulty, contact us at least 2 months before the exam date and we can apply to Cambridge Assessment English for special circumstances.

Please have this document completed by your attending physician.

Find all the details on the Cambridge English Exams – Special Requirements website.

How do I register?

  1. Click on ” I want to register” in the “Cambridge English” section of our website.
  2. Fill in the online form, indicating the exam you would like to take, the location (city), and the date (depending on the sessions on offer).
  3. Fill in your personal details, taking care not to make any mistakes.
  4. In order to validate your registration, please pay directly on our website or by :
    telephone 04 79 37 71 67 for remote payment by credit card
    cheque to the following address JEUNES DIPLOMATES – 1 Place Ferdinand Million, 73200 ALBERTVILLE
    bank transfer:RIB Jeunes Diplomates

Please note
If payment is not received by the registration deadline, a late registration fee of 45€ will be applied.

The registration deadline has passed. Can I still register?

It is possible to register for a session after the registration deadline, subject to availability. Please contact us before registering. A late registration fee of 45€ will be applied.

I’m about to take a Cambridge English exam but I haven’t received my invitation yet. Is this normal?

Your invitation and all the necessary information (timetable, instructions, etc.) will be sent to you 1 to 2 weeks before the exam to the e-mail address indicated on your registration form.
In the case of a Computer-based exam, your invitation will be sent to you approximately 5 days before the exam.

Please check your spam. The e-mail comes from the following address: CECP email –

What’s the difference between a B2 First & B2 First For Schools exam?

The format for Schools is exactly the same as for the standard versions of these exams. The level of the exams is the same, and candidates will be tested in the same skills. However, the content of the exams will be a little different, as the school versions are specifically designed to suit the interests and experience of school-age candidates.

Learners who pass the for Schools will receive the same internationally recognized certificate as candidates taking the standard versions of these exams.

Note that the for Schools exams are also open to adults.

What’s the difference between a paper-based and a computer-based exam?

The difference between a paper-based and a computer-based review
Review Paper-based Computer-based
Written expression and comprehension Paper, pen and pencil Computer and keyboard
Listening comprehension With room audio With headphones
Oral expression There’s no difference. Both take place in pairs, in front of two examiners.
Examination duration Duration does not vary according to type of examination
Results 4-6 weeks later 2 weeks later
Certificates There is no difference on certificates.

Please note: If Computer-Based is not specified, then the exam is offered on paper (Paper-Based).

Can I take several Cambridge exams in one year?

Yes, of course.

Important: a candidate cannot take two identical exams within the space of 28 days.

Can I cancel my registration?

In the event of absence from the examination (except in the case of illness or exceptional circumstances), registration fees cannot be refunded or carried over to a later session.

A receipt must be presented within one week of the exam to request a refund, and a €30 cancellation fee will be deducted.

Do I have to declare a change of address?

It is imperative that candidates notify us of their change of postal address, as this will be used to send out their certificate.

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