How to have your training financed by an OPCO

OPCOs (Opérateurs de Compétences) can help you finance professional training to develop skills that are essential to your career. Read our practical guide to obtaining full or partial reimbursement of your training costs through the Opérateurs de Compétences.

OPCOs (Opérateurs de Compétences) have replaced OPCAs (Organismes Paritaires Agrées) since the enactment of the law “Pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel” (for freedom to choose your professional future), on September 5, 2018. Their role has not fundamentally changed, and these state-approved entities still support companies with fewer than 50 employees (VSEs and SMEs) in the professional training of their staff, but with broader missions and a more comprehensive approach.

In this way, a company can apply to its local OPCO to have all or part of its employees’ training costs covered, so that they can upgrade their skills and progress in their jobs, or even change professions.

What types of training does OPCO finance?

OPCOs are able to finance training courses leading to diplomas, qualifications or certifications, registered with the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles). Generally speaking, training courses eligible for funding from an OPCO are those that enable employees to acquire new knowledge and skills, whether directly related to their current position or aimed at preparing them for future professional challenges, with a view to retraining for example.

Some examples of training courses eligible for OPCO funding:

    • sandwich courses (apprenticeship or professional training contracts)
    • skills assessments
    • VAE (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience) initiatives (on the job skills assessment and accreditation)
    • training courses leading to a state diploma or certification (e.g. professional qualification). Language training at Jeunes Diplomates falls into this category.
    • retraining or promotion through work-study schemes (Pro-A).

How can I obtain financing from my OPCO?

It is usually the company that initiates the request for OPCO funding. The first step is to contact the Opérateur de Compétences with which it is affiliated. There are currently 11 OPCOs in France, each dedicated to certain professional branches or sectors of activity:

    • OPCO Mobilités
    • Uniformation
    • AFDAS
    • OPCO Commerce
    • OPCO 2i
    • OPCO Santé
    • Constructys
    • OPCO EP
    • AKTO
    • ATLAS

To obtain financing from your OPCO, you need to follow the steps below:

    • identify your OPCO
    • select a Qualiopi-certified training center like JEUNES DIPLOMATES and request a quote for the training course you are planning
    • return the signed quotation, together with a request for reimbursement, to your OPCO.
    • wait for your OPCO’s validation notice.

Contact Jeunes Diplomates so that we can send you all the necessary documents for your application.

Funding is validated at the end of the training course, when the organization has confirmed that the learner was present throughout the various stages of the training program. The employer can make up the balance when the OPCO is unable to finance the full cost of training.

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