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At Langues Academy by Jeunes Diplomates, we offer dynamic, interactive language courses for adults and children from the age of 6 months, highlighting the crucial importance of language learning in our interconnected world. Our programs, designed to meet the needs of every age group, aim to equip our learners with the essential language skills to navigate with ease in a globalized environment. For adults, our courses focus on practical communication and professional skills, while children benefit from a fun, immersive approach that stimulates their natural curiosity. At Langues Academy, we firmly believe that mastering a new language opens doors to new cultures, perspectives and opportunities, playing a vital role in bringing people and communities together around the world.

Whether face-to-face, distance learning, one-to-one or group courses, our training courses are available in 11 languages.

Our language courses adultes

We offer a range of dynamic language courses for adults, tailored to your needs, including general and business English, as well as private tuition in all languages.

There’s no age limit to language learning. Our learning method adapts to the needs and constraints of each individual, for a tailor-made learning experience. Achieve real language fluency in your adult life: professionally and privately.

Classes can be held in Albertville, Megève or Chamonix, or by videoconference.

Our language courses are available for all levels and are tailored to your needs.

Our language courses enfants

From their first babbles through to high school, our language courses for children combine fun and learning, with fun programs adapted to each stage of their development, delivered by expert native teachers.

Our tailor-made approach, evolving with the child’s age and level, makes learning a new language a captivating and enriching adventure, guided by passionate native professionals.

Through games, stories and interactive activities, our courses accompany children from the age of six months through to adolescence, ensuring a smooth and natural progression in the language, under the attentive tutelage of our native teachers.

Classes can be held in Albertville or Megève, or by videoconference.

Our language courses are available for all levels and are tailored to your needs.

Our Educational Team

Meet our trainers

Meet our expert trainers: qualified and experienced native speakers, ready to guide you on your language journey with authenticity and expertise!


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