Italian for Children

General Italian Course for Children

Our general Italian courses enable you to learn Italian, to master vocabulary, grammar, turns of phrase and expressions, and to feel at ease when conversing and communicating abroad. We offer courses from beginner to advanced Italian, depending on your objectives and level.

At Langues Academy, immerse yourself in a unique language adventure and learn Italian with passion. Our captivating courses, taught by experts, will guide you through Italy’s rich culture. Discover a new language while enjoying an exceptional educational experience at Langues Academy.

Italian courses for children at our language school offer a fun and interactive learning experience. We believe that mastering Italian from an early age opens doors to the discovery of new cultures, enhances cognitive skills and facilitates global communication. Our programs are designed to stimulate children’s curiosity while developing their language skills, creating a solid foundation for their future and broadening their horizons now. There’s no age limit to language learning!

Our learning method adapts to the needs and constraints of each individual, for a tailor-made learning experience.

55€ / heure
  • Réservation : un minimum de 5 heures de cours particuliers doit être réservé
  • 1 session de cours particulier par semaine minimum
  • Durée minimum d’une session : 60 min (45 minutes pour les enfants entre 6 et 10 ans)
  • Du lundi au samedi
  • Possible toute l’année


Yes, private lessons are possible – That’s the advantage, you choose your schedule directly with the teacher according to your availability and his.

Yes, provided you live in Albertville, Megève or the surrounding area. Additional travel expenses may apply depending on your geographical location.

It’s very rare for us to be asked, but you can change teachers if the feeling doesn’t work out.

Yes, courses are à la carte, depending on the student’s needs: tutoring to bring students up to speed with the curriculum, skills development, etc. Courses are available all year round or during the school vacations.

Yes, all our teachers are trained in distance learning. It works very well for children aged 7 and over. It’s very convenient for parents because they don’t have to come to our premises. All you need is a good internet connection, a computer or tablet, and preferably headphones.


I needed a refresher course in Italian and Jeunes Diplomates met my expectations and objectives. I really liked Maria, my teacher, whose professionalism, skills and kindness made the lessons very lively and interesting. I highly recommend this school!